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Well-Stocked Tobacco Shop in Hatboro, Pennsylvania

Fresh cigars — Well-Stocked Tobacco Shop in Hatboro, Pennsylvania
Pack of cigarrettes — Well-Stocked Tobacco Shop in Hatboro, Pennsylvania
Burdick's Hatboro News in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, provides for all your tobacco needs. Our tobacco shop is a smoker's paradise! We carry a variety of cigars, pipe tobacco, cigarettes, and smoking accessories.


Puff away on our extensive selection of premium and imported cigars. We offer discounted cigar bundles and a selection of humidors and accessories. Cigars available include:

Hand-Rolled Imported Cigars

  • Arturo Fuente™
  • Montesino™
  • Perdomo™
  • Ashton™
  • Cohiba™
  • Montecristo™
  • Macanudo™
  • Partiagas™
  • Punch™
  • H Uphman™
  • Padron™
  • Romeo y Julieta™
  • Vegafina™
  • Acid™ & More
Tobbaco — Well-Stocked Tobacco Shop in Hatboro, Pennsylvania
Cigarrates — Well-Stocked Tobacco Shop in Hatboro, Pennsylvania
Cigar — Well-Stocked Tobacco Shop in Hatboro, Pennsylvania

Domestic Machine-Rolled Cigars

  • Phillies™
  • Garcia y Vega™
  • Stogies™
  • El Producto™ & Middleton™

Clove Cigars

  • Djarum™


Our selection of pipes ranges from Missouri corncob pipes to imported briar pipes from France, England, Ireland, Italy, and Denmark, as well as Meerschaum from Turkey. Pipe cleaning supplies and accessories are also available. Pipe brands we sell include:


  • Stanwell
  • Nording
  • Chacon
  • Peterson
  • Savinelli
  • Meerschaums


  • Machine-Made Pipes by Dr. Grabow

Pipe Tobacco

Buy the finest pipe tobacco in loose pouches or pre-packaged cans. Our pipe tobacco can be custom blended and sold by the ounce. We have more than 30 varieties of jarred tobacco to choose from, including:
  • Aromatic Tobacco
  • Burley Tobacco
  • Cavendish Tobacco
  • English Tobacco Blend
  • Latakia Tobacco
  • Perique Tobacco
  • Virginia Tobacco
  • And More!


We carry a variety of domestic cigarettes, including Nat Sherman and Dunhill. We also offer roll-your-own tobacco and supplies, including cigarette rolling tubes and machines. Roll your own cigarettes with pouches of tobacco by American Spirit™, Top™, and Bugler™. Specialty European brand tobacco pouches are available from Peter Stokkebye™, Balli Shag™, and Drum™. Domestic tobacco is sold in 3-ounce, 6-ounce, 8-ounce, and 1-pound bags available in full, light, ultra-light, and menthol varieties.

Cigarettes by the Pack and Carton

Get your fix with our large variety of cigarette brands. Brands we offer include:
  • Nat Sherman™
  • Dunhill™
  • Most American-made cigarettes available!